lunes, agosto 04, 2008

Promise kept, Ir0n :)

Hi all!

I have just been asked by Ir0n a few minutes ago to also post in English. There have been approaches like that before, but apparently without much success, as I would put a few words, and then I would continue writing in Spanish again and again. Now I will take it into consideration, and more posts in English will appear. I have realised there are many who do not understand Spanish, and it would be so nice of me to make their lives easier! :-)
That said, I must recommend that also you learn Spanish, as it is an extremely beautiful and useful language. You are missing a lot if you don´t!

As for these days´news, I am right now in a small village in high mountains of Catalonia, called La Pobla. I am playing a strong Open Tournament here. For the moment I have scored 2 out of 2, as well as my nice and cute friends - Mariam and Sopiko (you can check their blogs on blogroll on right side of the blog). Unfortunately, Mariam will be my oponent tomorrow. I recall this happened last year too. It sucks... :-S But what to do?!?! We are professional chessplayers, and we do know it is important to deal with such happenings!

Everything is great out here, the village is very beautifull, very small actually. Everyone recognizes us, chess life is very active here. Many supporters come to follow our games daily.

There is also another very important fact there: the President of the Catalonian Chess Federation - Mr. Toni Ayza is playing himself. So does his younger son - Alex. David is the responsible for LIVE coverage. Actually Mr. Ayza plays lots of tournaments during the year. He is a very nice person. I have hardly met such an active and versatile President. He is doing a great job!

I will go to sleep now. Maybe I will post again tomorrow. I would like to also inform you that WIM Keti Tsatsalashvili and GM David Howell are actually playing the World Junior in Turkey. They are certainly our favs. :) Best of luck, guys!


5 comentarios:

Pau dijo...

good luck for keti and David!!

Anónimo dijo...

Thanks for writing in English, I got it right this time LOL :P


AnnA dijo...

They will perform well, I am quite sure:)

ir0n, you´re welcome, hehehe, yep, you got it indeed :)

sopikoguramishvili dijo...

hahaha anna :P So clever and pretty :P well of course best luck for keti and david and for us too jajajajja


AnnA dijo...

yeah of course for us too, I like it yeah :-)