domingo, junio 05, 2011

Answering your questions

Hi everyone! :)

I have been thinking so hard lately how to handle with the large amount of questions I receive daily. Until now I have been answering the most concrete/original/specific/sort of. - quetions and ignoring the ones like "are you a chessplayer?", "where are you from?", "You don´t sleep?" :) just because there is no time on Earth there to answer all of them and it is very easy to find an answer to that kind of questions via Google. Nevertheless, I do not really like ignoring people that in some way take their time to address you. Thus, I have come to the idea that maybe I should start video posting, exclusively to answer your questions. It would be quicker, easier and much more comfortable than typing answers to so many messages. I have thought it would be comfortable to set a week for you to formulate your questions and send them as usual to my Facebook wall, inbox, Twitter, e-mail and this blog, I would recommend you to avoid asking in the chat because I am very often away and do not really spend my time reading chats. Countdown would start right away as it is Sunday today and you would have enough time to send your questions until friday 12 p.m. The questions I get after that time would enter next week video post. And the video posts themselves would be posting on Sunday, I will be answering your questions (at least trying it! hehe :P) sorted by some criteria each week, I think at first I would start with 10 questions and then let´s see.

Any kind of questions are welcome. I will be answering in Spanish and English as almost everybody understands these two languages. Do you like the idea? Then, please, start sending your questions right now, remember that you have time (just to enter this week´s video) until Friday 12 p.m. and you can send as many questions as you want! I am waiting you here! :)

Best regards,

Ana :* :*

Mi pregunta del día es:

Qué es algo de lo que os sentís especialmente orgullosos?

Qué rico es dormir!! :-) Sleepy Ana :)