miércoles, octubre 22, 2008

Tribute To The Best Ever

Vila Olímpica de Barcelona

"Modernity and ancient sites, the architecture of the beginning of the last century, parks, and high towers, mountains, beaches, warm people, tradition, art, future, innovation ... the city of the contrasts. Everything in one city ... the best city." - says Dani in his piece about the city I love so much and have been living in for years already. And I cannot agree more with his statement. This is the city we all have dreamt of in our respective lives. And yes, dreams do come true.

La Pedrera o Casa Milá

The Magic Fountain

Parc Güell

Palau de Montjuïc and the Magic Fountain

The rest of the pictures are by myself and my visitors :)

La Sagrada Familia

Casa Batlló

Sopiko and Kitty in the Parc Güell