lunes, septiembre 08, 2008

Sabadell is over, Sopiko is leaving

I am back from Sabadell (Spanish Club Champs), Sopiko just reported about the events(click on the link to read it), so I will not re-report the same.

It was a very nice, very well organised event. Plenty of strong (2600-2700) players present. However, the first group of the Championship, which was playing in Mallorca, was crearly stronger.

We worked hard, the guys tried hard as well. Especially IM Jonathan Alonso was very successful, beating and drawing with GMs and IMs with much higher elo than himself.

Also he tried hard and did succeed in learning Georgian. We have got some interesting video material, which may be posted as well one day :-)

We´ll miss you Hari (Harikrishna) and Ganguly! Also Negi, Ubi, Vugar, Eugeni, Yahoo, Alexey, Zoltan, Dmitry, Sergey, Nidjat, etc etc. We look forward to seeing you again very soon.

Now I am very VERY VERY VERY tired, so that means I will sleep now. Tomorrow Sopiko will leave, we will be going to the Prat Airport at 13.00 where she will take a Barcelona - Istanbul - Tbilisi flight. Be back soon, Sophi!!!! We will miss you very very much too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kiss kiss kiss