domingo, junio 11, 2006

Hello tam!!

tam, prexioxa!

Am sososososo glad to see you again. Damn so far my opera experience consists of La Traviata, Carmen, Don Giovanni, Turandot etc. Rather limited indeed. I listen to a lot of classical music, but opera isn't my thing. Must add I like Pavarotti, Domingo and Carreras a lot. That said, i've listened to Figaro on recording.I've listened to Rigoletto excerpts. Know nothing of Ballo. La Traviata is fabulous, but it is very much prima donna dependent. I am picking Traviata because I'm more familiar with Verdi and because most people enjoy La Traviata because it's melodic and easy to like.Also,I think once you have chosen the opera, why not get a copy to listen to before you go? Cuz with any opera, the secret to enjoyment is to be prepared, know the plot. But that´s too much already, and honestly, I don't think that I would do it. I'm not that masochistic. ;-)

And, on the other hand, yes,company does metter <:-)))

So if you ain´t coming next week the next time we meet it will be no sooner than after, let me say, 3-4 months... Grrrrrr ... :(

Many kisses and a hug,