sábado, septiembre 16, 2006

El Castillo de Narikala, en Tbilisi

Lyrics: Atheous

Witnessed the emperors enthroned for eternities
Felt the vastness of tender serenities
Bestowed the might that ones embraced our souls
“Enriched by thy wisdom we conquer foes forevermore”

“Enriched by thy wisdom we conquer foes forevermore”

Profound Tranquility Carved In Mournful Solitude
Ruthlessly Annihilated by Usurper Attitude
Alas the Chain Breaks - Fortress Did Fall
Fratricidal Bloodshed Covered Narikalas Walls

Standing upon ruins of our history
Holding for aeons precious Sovereignty
“Greatness of thy towers promised us immortality”

No mercy, no mercy be inferior
Condemn their spirits to everlasting fire
Overwhelming infernal desire
Crucify their vanity witch they so much admire

Benighted in oblivious age
Sunrise shall never greet our eyes

Mysterious sculpture dreaming beneath silver twilight
“Phantom creation redemption we seek in thy guide”

ცრემლი ნარიყალისა - გოდება ისტორიისა
საუკუნო აკვანი - მარადისობა თვით მომავლისა

“Gather us upon blessing s and unity
Together we shall regain thy eminent past
Dignity light up our path
Hypocrisy has consumed the sky
Withhold our rage”

Bewildered and stunned still I roam in this deserts
Watching the withering faces of man
Who dares to answer my sacred black heart?
Will we ever liberate from our hate

Invading weeds – deceiving art of our nation
Spreading the plague and disease – locust nature
Broken wings of phoenix – fallen kingdom
Punishment for Mans behavior – Armageddon

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