jueves, diciembre 10, 2015

To whom it may concern

Being confident is the key. Be so even while solitary, enjoying or suffering your part of solitude. Be confident while facing a dilemma sitting alone in your room.
The moment your start imitating someone else is the moment of failure. They may want to talk, they will question your way of doing, they will criticize you. They don´t like unique ones. Be confident and remain unique – you were born as such – you will succeed everytime you refuse imitating. Learn from everyone but stay different. Learn good and bad things, almost nothing is good or bad per se, we all are different and it depends on our way of doing and looking at it.
Work and produce. Anything. Anytime. Create and share. Ask questions and let them ask you back. Your way of doing is unique, teach them how to do so. Don´t teach to imitate you, teach them how to be unique and different. Remember that they won´t be able to learn from you unless you are confident. Confidence is the key.
Practice. Exercise. Do it once, do it twice, do it 50 times. But: do it one more time before you finish.The +1 thing will make you stronger and better than you were before. If you are supposed to do 100 abs – do 101. Should you read 100 pages – read +1. Smile at +1 people, hug +1 person. Ponder for +1 minute before you say something. Wait for +1 minute before you try again; try once again before you give up. Keep it up, keep it up. Stay, stay, stay. Build your mind and build your body, educate them. Listen to your inner voice. And be confident.
If you´ve reached this line – read it all one more time from the very beginning to the very end.
Enjoy your confidence.

With best wishes,
© Ana

P.S. I wrote this while at the Akademie Schloss Solitude (2013-2014) didn´t make it public then though. Now is the time. Thanks, Palacio Solitude, for giving and teaching so much to me.

domingo, diciembre 06, 2015

Things I´m in love with... ❤

Let me introduce you to my latest love. Looking and smelling extremely luxurious and impressive, Decadence is a dark, deep, mysterious fragrance that will make anyone turn around and stare at you right where you pass by :) 
It has definitely reserved one of the front seats in my perfume collection ❤

Always welcome as a gift as well, of course... haha :P :P