jueves, agosto 07, 2008

David co-leader at World Junior. Nice evenings in la Pobla

As I was informing before, David Howell is one of our favourites at the World U20 Championships. As expected, he is performing great. Yesterday he defeated GM Safarli and is leading the event with China´s Li Chao, with 4,5 out of 5. Results, Pairings, picture gallery, cross table, live games and all info at the official page at: http://wjcc2008.tsf.org.tr/

GM David Howell (photo: official page)

Today he is facing another Chinese prodigy, the 14-year-old baby girl Hou Yifan, whos elo is 2557 and belongs to the large group of "4-pointers". The games are being very exciting, watching strongly recommended!

As for what is new here in La Pobla, everything is well and under control. :) Yesterday I won again, so did Mariam and Sopiko. GM Azer Mirzoev is leading with 5, Mariam and I have 4,5. Sopiko is staying on 4 since she lost a very well played game against GM Movsziszian the day before yesterday.

Today I am playing Mr. Mirzoev on board 1 with white, Mariam is against Movsziszian, and Sopiko against my yesterday´s opponent.

Yesterday some friends came from Barcelona to support us. It was great to see them again. Everything is quiet otherwise. We behave, eat healthy, and sleep well. LOL :-))) I am not sure you should believe the first and the third point though... But the fact, that I have not been to the pub since I am here, should count I think. Somehow I am lazy to stay up too late.

Tomorrow there will be a simultaneous exhibition in front of the hotel, offered by Mariam and Sopiko. Many look forward to it.

Have a nice day all.