martes, agosto 05, 2008

Feeling sorry for Roi

Good afternoon!

I didn´t post yesterday as I was somewhat tired in the evening when we got to the hotel after the round. We did not even go out afterwards, because, it was also cloudy and murky here. The weather has been great so far though. We stayed quiet talking to our friends on the internet and then I played some games on Playchess instead. Although I was lagging so badly I had no other choice than to stop and wait until the wifi got better at the hotel.

I drew with Mariam in a worse position, and I have now 2,5 out of 3. The game of the day probably was Roi Reinaldo vs. Maurici Tarrago, Roi was better the whole game and two pawns up (without any compensation) when I finished my game, and just when I arrived to the hotel, my manager informed me that Reinaldo lost on board 3. I was astonished and couldn´t believe that. Then I went directly to the live broadcasts page for the tournament to see what had happened. A tough blow!! He had missed a two-move (quite attractive, though) tactical stuff. I felt very sorry for Roi, I must admit...

Today is Guillem´s birthday. He is our friend and Sopiko&Keti&Mariam´s clubmate. They all play for a Catalonian Club called Peona i Peó. This summer he missed a chance to visit Georgia and he will make it next year hopefully, we do look forward to it. :) Happy Birthday, Guillem!

I am leaving, see you again soon.