miércoles, febrero 24, 2010

Crap, crap

This has been probably one of the toughest day of those lately. I was kinda irritated from the very beginning and then I had to work on multiple things and deal with this creepy computer problem which nearly drove me mad. Finally it is fixed, hurra! Irritated because I absolutely do not like when someone slaps my pride in the face, and maybe the thing itself would be something small for other people but for me it is really irritating and yes, I took it seriously and as a personal challenge for revenge. And yes, I am a narcissist, oh yeah. I am fine with that.

Work itself did produce something useful at least. I will be fine tomorrow. But I hate not being able to decide whether I really want something or not. Shit, I do,I know, but on the other hand I have not really looked for this. Just for fun, huh? Maybe I will see further, and then... I don´t know. I do not know what I want from all this besides all this fun. Crap. But a lovely one.

I will sleep a bit.