lunes, noviembre 28, 2016

Autumn memories ♥

Autumn is one of the most nostalgic seasons for me, because it makes me recall my childhood moments when I was spending much time with my grandparents and although my family has never been too big (I am an only child myself, and I cannot recall anyone of my relatives having more than two children right now, at least from closer relatives, that I know or have heard of), we would still have small gatherings which would take part mostly in autumn. We would eat Pelamushi, churchkhela, dried nuts and fruits like grapes or peaches or kaki or figs (yummy!) and fresh apples and pears and my grandma had a persimmon tree in her garden (as well as many, many roses which would start going frozen for then to again flourish in the spring).

Also, I used to be much less busier during this season when I was young (which is absolutely not the case nowadays that I am busy during the whole year except some short holidays), so I had much more time to spend with my family and school or neighborhood friends. So, this was the time to reunite the people who I would be missing the rest of the year due to my busy sports schedule...

I am normally better at remembering and recalling things or moments by smells, not so through visioning or sounds, it seems my smell is more developed than any other thing :)

and I can clearly smell those sweet smells from those moments right now. yummy, and again yummy...

Nostalgy mode: ON. :)

Love you, grannuchies...   #grandmas #grandpas #love

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