martes, marzo 15, 2011

What is in my head I let it out

When I was a little girl, my trainer would tell me: "They should give you a board with a pawn or two missing, that is when you would start playing well from the very beginning!! Because you only start playing well when you sac or lose a pawn!" And she was definitely right. I cannot play well if I am not a pawn or two down. Then I realised something: They give you 8 pawns for something!! No other pieces make even 3! That is quite logical. You SHOULD sac or lose some of them, that is their (and your) job!

Same with persons: there are actually more than 6. 000.000.000 people in the World. Why understand monogamy???

(C) myself

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Giochi dijo...

I feel you alot...

Ive had some same feelings..